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VERMES Microdispensing introduces the new MDS 3010+-/3020+ series for the most flexible dispensing of low and medium viscosity fluids

VERMES Microdispensing, the micro dispensing system manufacturer, is now introducing new members of its microdispensing system family, the MDS 3000 series for low to medium viscosity media.

The new, modern high-performance jetters consist of a MDV 3010+ or MDV 3020+ piezoelectric valve and a specially developed MDC 3090+ electronic control unit.

With its new systems, VERMES Microdispensing supports high-volume production and steadily advancing miniaturization in microdispensing. This new solution is perfect for micro-applications with ever more complex functions, fast and highly accurate production processes in which exact application of high-quality, liquid media is essential.
Major focal points of the further development of the MDS 3000-Series for low to medium viscosity are the increase in speed and precision, maximum stability and high application flexibility.

The company provides two different basic systems that are designed for their respective media: low-viscosity (MDS 3010+) and medium viscosity (MDS 3020+) for a wide range of applications where minimal quantities of liquid are process-safe and perfectly dispensed. With these two basic systems, VERMES Microdispensing is able to dispense all media contactless and with the highest precision to a viscosity of 8,000 mPas.

Fully automated production lines must be set up in the shortest possible time and should be variable during the operational process. Here, the MDS 3010+-/3020+ series offers a number of major advantages – programmable scenarios, real-time setting and easy maintenance.
The new systems will be attractive to a wide range of industries: "Our micro dispensing systems are used throughout the world in laboratories, but mainly in automated production plants.

Among the markets of interest for these new systems are biosciences, medical diagnostics and pharmaceutics, for example aqueous cell and protein solutions, electronics, semiconductor and mobile phone production, e.g. UV adhesives, Cyanoacrylate, anaerobic adhesives," emphasizes Juergen Staedtler, Managing Director of VERMES Microdispensing GmbH.

"We are the only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete and self-developed concept consisting of electronic control, Piezo Stack and nozzles in this form," added Juergen Staedtler.

In order to enable these dispensing operations, the mechanical movement behind the nozzle must be extremely fast and accurate. This task is carried out in these high-end valves by a novel drive with user-friendly adjustment modes. The specific power density, i.e. the volume-force ratio, achieved by these drives is unrivaled.

Newly implemented Select Pins allow parameters to be changed without loss of time during the entire dispensing process.

A chip inside the valve provides additional monitoring functions to achieve a continually consistent dispensing result. An internal real-time clock logs all errors and unplanned interruptions. The response time to trigger signals is extremely fast having a trigger delay of only 85 μs.
The piezo-driven valves allow programmable scenarios for user-defined patterns. These storable real-time scenarios enable the user to define his individual set of parameters. Dispensing in lines of varying width, immediate change of drop size and speed, complex dispensing patterns without external control is made possible in contactless jet applications.
The utilization of high abrasion-resistant materials in the unique tappet suspension of the new MDS 3010+-/3020+ series achieves an enormous reduction in wear and maximum stability.

The modular design of the systems allows the creation of extremely flexible, user-defined configurations with a wide range of nozzles, tappets and fluid boxes. The MDC 3090+ controller is also compatible with all MDV 3010A and MDV 3020A valves.

A local nozzle heating system can be added at any time and works perfectly with the external VERMES heating controller MFC universal.
"The valve set-up strictly isolates wet and dry areas, making maintenance easy and economical. VERMES Microdispensing has developed a completely different operating principle," explains VERMES CEO Juergen Staedtler.

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