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About us

marco is a provider of high performance dispensing systems based on marco’s proprietary piezo-ceramic technology. The product family comprises jetting and valve modules with advanced process controls for solving challenging dispensing and micro-dispensing tasks. Applications and industries served include adhesive bonding for hard disk drive, underfill for semiconductor packaging, solder paste for PCB/FPC assembly and silicone with phosphor for LED assembly. Hot melt adhesive and 2K jet dispensing systems are offered as well as bonding, sealing and lubricating systems for the automotive industry.

marco was founded in 1982 and today employs about 300 people. With its own service branches in China, Russia, Korea and Australia as well as partners marco can offer its customers around the world support on the spot.

Products and services

marco designs and produces dispensing valves and systems for a wide range of media from low viscous fluids right through to highly viscous or paste-like media. And all “made in Germany”. In addition to the valves with their varied characteristics used in numerous applications, the so-called hot melt system is an extremely popular product. It was developed especially for non-contact dispensing of hot melt adhesives onto a component. If required, the medium can be gently heated in different heating zones until it has reached the necessary processing temperature.

marco is also presenting the following eagerly awaited new products:

  • 2K system: a system for mixing and non-contact dispensing of 2-component media with pot lives down to 30 minutes
  • Booster jet: a dispensing valve for non-contact application of solder paste points with diameters down to 200 µm
  • 360° jet: a dispensing valve with a nozzle able to turn continuously at an angle of 45° thus making it suitable for underfill media used in round or other shaped targets
marco 2K Jet Dispensing

marco 2K Jet Dispensing

The marco 2K jet system ensures two-component media are mixed and jetted with a perfect mixing ratio and best mixing quality using a static or dynamic mixer. Our patented method guarantees a constant dispensing volume and steady mixing ratio of both components regardless of the medium’s pot life.

marco Hot Melt Dispensing

marco Hot Melt Dispensing

The marco hot melt dispensing system is specially designed for reactive or heat-sensitive hot melt adhesives. The medium is heated to its required working temperature for a short period of time in a hermetically sealed environment. The system operates with or without contact (jetting or needle). For particularly medium-friendly production, the system provides a mode where three consecutive temperature zones are sequentially heated.

marco 360° Motion Dispensing

marco 360° Motion Dispensing

The marco 360° motion dispensing system has a dispensing valve with a nozzle able to turn continuously at an angle of 45° thus making it suitable for underfill media used in round or other shaped targets.


marco Systemanalyse und Entwicklung GmbH
Hans-Boeckler-Str. 2
85221 Dachau

Phone: +49 8131 5161-0
Fax: +49 8131 5161-66

Dr. Markus Krach
Vice President
Phone: +49 8131 5161-0

marco (Beijing) System Analysis and Development Ltd.
Xiaoying Rd 25, Fangdi Zhiye Mansion, Rm 706
100029 Beijing
P.R. China

Phone: +86 10 5904-6155
Fax: +86 10 5904-6055

marco Korea System Analysis and Development Co. Ltd.
919, D415, Heungan-daero, Dongan-gu
431-755 Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
South Korea

Phone: +82 31 47806-10
Fax: +82 31 47806-17

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